It is Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Remodel

When the temperatures are in the sweltering triple digits in Arizona, it is hard to think about cooler days where you will want to be outside as much as possible, but they’ll be here before you know it! With everyone spending so much more time at home these days, it is important to have an outdoor living space you can enjoy when fall weather rolls around. It is not too early to start planning your outdoor living space remodel! We have got a few ideas and suggestions to help you prepare for fall weather.

Look at the big picture first

It is typical for most homeowners to look at needed upgrades in bits and pieces when it comes to their backyard: a new barbeque here, a hot tub there, and maybe a fire pit table to make it cozy. However, you should treat your exterior remodeling project the same as you would if you were remodeling your kitchen. You know you need to work with a professional and have an overall plan to remodeling your kitchen; the same goes for your backyard living space. Look at the big picture and sketch out your ideal dream backyard. Sit outside and look around like it is a blank canvas and start imagining what would be ideal. Do a rough sketch just to get an idea. Then go inside your home and look out: how does it look from there? Is your dream cooking island blocking the view? Is your pool out of sight so you cannot watch the kids? Really consider what you want and start envisioning your backyard oasis.

Break it down by living area

Now that you have envisioned that dream outdoor living space, start to break it down a bit more. What do you want for sitting areas? What kind of pool do you want (if you want one at all)? Big outdoor cooking area or a simple barbeque? Waterfall? Spa? Break each area out in chunks and start looking at more details. This is about the time you may want to get the help of a landscape designer to help you out. They will know how to guide you for hardscaping, landscaping, and much more. They also know how to help style your outdoor living area, so it blends or complements your home style. They can guide you on how much upkeep some of these amenities might need or if some of the features you desire are possible where you want them.

Price and prioritize

The big picture step is crucial for you to get the overall vision of what you want. Now you need to start pricing out everything and see if you need to prioritize. Sure, it would be ideal to get everything you want right now, but anyone who has gone through any kind of remodel knows that not everything can happen right away. Either there are budget restrictions, or perhaps one of your dream amenities is lower on the list. Again, working with a design professional can help you price out and prioritize what you want. Maybe the outdoor pizza oven can wait while that spa is a must before chilly weather sets in!

Treat your outdoor space like indoors when it comes to décor

Outdoor décor is no longer four woven chairs around a plastic table. People are designing their outdoor living space to be an extension of their indoor living space. It is all about flow and function. If you want to mirror or complement what you’ve got going on indoors, you may want to reach out to your interior designer and ask for their design help to pull that flow outdoors. Rugs, accessories, art, fabrics are all items you should consider. Remember, this is your dream outdoor area here! Planning ahead and working with professionals will make it exactly what you want.

It is a lot to consider and plan for, which is why it is not too early to plan for your outdoor living space. Be ready when cool weather comes by following these suggestions in the pursuit of your dream backyard. Here is to cooler temps in Arizona soon!