When Should You DIY or Go Pro?

Thanks to YouTube, Pinterest, and Search Engines at home DIY Projects are pretty easy to do. With a click of mouse you can learn everything you need to know, get a list of the supplies needed, and post photos of your completed projects without breaking the bank. However, there is a time and a place for DIY and before you are left with an incomplete project or the task to call in the pros make sure you consider the following guidelines.

DIY or Go Pro?

1. Limited Supplies Needed: DIY

If your project is limited to a few paint brushes, some wallpaper, or even just a simple drill then going DIY is the best way to go. Applying wallpaper or installing hardware usually comes with guidelines or instructions and if you can’t find them there are countless video tutorials to help make the job simple and easy.

2. Working with Electrical or Plumbing: PRO

Most jobs that require working with electrical or plumbing lines usually require a permit which Professionals can get easily, not to mention they are licensed and bonded to ensure that you are protected from any mistakes made on the job. Hot lines and clogged drains can cause more damage than good so make sure if you are doing a DIY approved job like installing a ceiling fan that you take the necessary precautions to keep you safe.

3. Being an Expert: DIY

Thanks to unlimited resources on the internet it is easy to become an expert through research and networking with pros. Tasks like laying tile or applying a backsplash can be considered DIY projects if you talk to the right people and you do the process properly. You would be surprised that the small tasks that seem pointless are usually the most critical.

4. Heavy Lifting: PRO

In our industry we deal a lot with homeowners buying cabinetry through us and then deciding to install on their own. If you have the team and equipment to do so then it is a great way to save a little on your renovation budget, however we often get a phone call after one too many cabinets get busted from being dropped or banged up in the installation process. Be aware of what you can handle.

5. Equipment: PRO

Finally, sometimes a job looks simple to do but you don’t have the tools necessary to get the job done right. Never be afraid to ask for help. There are ways to cut costs in your budget if you are worried that hiring a professional is going to cost too much. See if there is another way you can get the renovation you want, done right, but at the right cost.

We love a good DIY project as much as the next homeowner, but the key to a successful project is knowing your limits then you can decide to DIY or Go Pro.

If you are looking for some professional advice on your next renovation project, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. Don’t let your DIY project be the reason your wife won’t let you own power tools, give us a call today for our professional opinion.

Functional Home Office Space Ideas

Functional Home Office Spaces became a necessity in 2020 due to “Work from Home Mandates” and long quarantine periods. A year later, many companies have prolonged their working from home periods and other have done away with corporate office space all together. In response many homeowners have decided to create better workspaces or upgrade their existing arrangement. Whether the space is small, has a multiuse purpose, or is a dedicated large room here are some keys to designing a functional home office space that will keep you excited to go to work.

Plenty of Storage Space:

The Home Office is a central location to a hub of technology, piles of paperwork, and every office supply accessory imaginable. Having dedicated storage space to keep files, conceal cords, and hide the clutter creates a more productive work and headspace. Arizona’s Interior Innovations Custom cabinetry can fit your unique needs for storage and create a durable workspace built to last.

Large Work Area

Whether your work area is a dining room table, a small corner in the bedroom, or a private den your actual desktop space is important. Once the clutter is cleared and assigned its designated space your desktop should be durable and have the ability to hold more than just a laptop. Creating expandable desktops has allowed many work-from-homers to use a large space and hide it away during times of un-use. This concept has grown in popularity with homeschooling moms. The ease of creating a focused workspace for children to complete their schoolwork and then the ability to hide the mess and the clutter during afterschool hours and over the weekend has made the adjustment to homeschooling easier on a lot of families. Arizona’s Interior Innovations can help design this creative space with our dedicated team of innovative designers.

Displaying Personal Mementos

Creating an office space that features personal touches provides motivation and positive reinforcements throughout the workday. Bulletin boards featuring photos, custom shelves to hold personal books and photo frames are just a few examples of the little touches that you can add to your home office to make it a space you enjoy being in.

Flexible Sitting or Standing Availability

Research shows that sitting at your desk for long periods of time contributes to weight gain, back problems, and increase blood sugar whereas standing periodically can help reduce all of those and increase productivity. Higher desktops are one way to help with the versatility of sitting and standing for long periods of time. Meanwhile some home offices are welcoming treadmills and bikes to help with increased movement during the workday and reaching fitness goals while on the clock.

Gone are the days of long office hours in a cubicle surrounded by fluorescent lighting. Custom home offices provide a more productive workspace and add value to your home. If you are thinking of customizing your office space or looking for inspiration for a functional home office space contact Arizona’s Interior Innovations and set your appointment with one of our design experts to create your ideal office workspace.


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Window Coverings

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