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Design Ideas to Magnify Your Small Bathroom

When planning a home renovation, home owners have one concern on their mind: Better utilizing their space. Whether it is a large kitchen or a small laundry closet, maximizing the use is crucial for function and to make the space seem larger than it really is. Full baths, half baths, and guest bathrooms all come in different sizes and are the main focus for space utilization in home renovations. Here are some design ideas to magnify your small bathroom:

Lighter Paint Colors:

Using lighter paint colors will make your small space seem larger. Using paint pallets that are focused on light colors and pastels will bring some personality to your space but also add some height to make the room seem airy and not tight with bold colors.

Small Patterns:

Using small patterns on tile, textiles, and wallpaper will also make the room seem brighter and bigger. Large prints can overwhelm a small space while smaller patterns will add character without overtaking the small area. Be aware: the overuse of patterns can reverse the effect and leave you and your bathroom visitors feeling dizzy!

Go High!

Tiling your shower? Go high! Taking shower tile to the ceiling will also add volume to the room and give the appearance of taller ceilings. Not to mention the continuous look will add cleanliness to the space which adds to the airy appearance.

Get Creative with Storage

Getting creative with storage can include using floating shelves, hidden mirror storage, and small vanities with drawers and cabinets. Lifting the storage with floating shelves is a stylish trend that we are seeing in a lot of bathrooms. Shelves are no longer used for knick-knacks and solely for decoration, but are serving a functional use by holding towels, toilet paper, and toiletries. Hidden mirror storage has been around for decades, but the newest designs are not your mama’s medicine cabinet. Instead sleek designs are taking over and providing functionality. 

No matter the size of your renovation Arizona’s Interior Innovations is here to help you utilize your space, create a palette that adds dimension to your home, and leave you with a bathroom you will have a hard time leaving. Coming up with design ideas to magnify your small bathroom challenges the creativity of our designers and they love the challenge. Give us a call when you are ready to magnify your small space.

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