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Thinking of Renovating During the Holidays?

The 2022 Holiday Season has officially begun! Christmas commercials are filling our screens, Amazon their “Toy Catalog”, and the radio stations have already started playing nonstop Christmas music. Whether you are on Team “Christmas Tree After Thanksgiving” or you decorated as your kids counted their Halloween candy there is no denying that the holiday season is here which means Holiday Parties!

If you are looking forward to wearing the “Host” hat this year it can be easy to look around at your home and evaluate your hosting abilities. Could you use a bigger fridge? A double oven would make Thanksgiving a lot easier! Oh no the guest bath could use an update! Whatever your project may be, the holiday season may not be the best time to start on a reno project.

Here are three reasons a home renovation project in on Santa's naughty list:

  1. The Mess! Whether your project is big or just a quick upgrade, renovations come with a bit of an upheaval. Large renovations are known to shut down certain areas of the home making it unlivable or just extremely inconvenient. Small renos can consist of simple storage issues that force closets and even garages to house a lot of the decor and useful items that may need to be used at some point.

  2. Timelines! Renovation timelines are NEVER on time! Delays of shipments, labor, and even forgotten parts could push your renovation back causing an unwanted time crunch or a canceled/relocated event. Smaller renovations or diy projects could be completed in a smaller amount of time, however the stress of running a project yourself may turn you from a Jolly elf to the Grinch.

  3. Stress! Renovations are stressful. The Holiday Seasons are Stressful! Take some time this year and enjoy having family and friends near to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Save your renovation project for the new year and enjoy!

If “A New Kitchen” or an “Upgraded Bath” are on your Christmas List this year let Arizona's Interior Innovations step in and make your Want a Reality. Our talented sales team can work with you to design the perfect renovation and our subcontractors work tirelessly to make your vision a reality. We are dedicated to providing you with the kitchen and bath of your dreams without the nightmare of long costly renovations. Talk to one of our sales representatives today and we can start the process!

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