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Scary Home Renovation Situations to Avoid

Living through a home renovation is no easy feat. Your life is uprooted and there is a long list of tasks that need constant attention. So how can you make your home renovation run smoother without ruining your sanity? Here is a list of 5 Scary Home Renovation Situations that you can avoid!

Running Out of Materials

Even pros get their measurements wrong! It is very important that during your consultation with your project super that measurements are checked once and then twice. One of my favorite quotes from a home renovation show comes from HGTV’s “Home Town” and it is “Measure Once, Cuss Twice!”. Getting proper measurements is very important to new designs and material purchasing. Most supers will add on an extra 10% to accommodate any mistakes or odd scenarios. Hold your supers and renovation companies accountable! If a job is done incorrectly and new materials are purchased, hold them accountable for that additional cost.

Another way to make sure the measurements are correct is to let each company you interview and consult with get their own measurements. Some will ask for previous bids and base their numbers on those measurements, but in most cases the consultations are free so have each potential company obtain their own measurements.

Unqualified Workers

It is okay to ask too many questions. Home renovators and construction teams come with many skills, however they do not come with all of the skills. Talk to your project managers and team leads to make sure that the right installer is being assigned to the right job. You would be surprised how many amazing tile artists don’t know how to seam together carpet! If you are wanting custom work done make sure you are hiring the right people to do it. Ask for portfolios or photos of previous projects. The last thing you want to hear in the middle of the job is, “This is the first time I have ever done…”

Too Many Workers

One of the largest complaints associated with a home renovation is the amount of random workers walking through your home. Whether your job is a small one or if you are on a full blown construction project each construction team has their long list of workers. If you are nervous about having strangers in your home, get a list from your project supervisor or the renovation company in charge. Having a list of workers that are supposed to be on the job each day will give you a sense of control and peace. At Arizona’s Interior Innovations we notify you when the team is on their way to your home and who you will be working with and we include a picture so there is no confusion or worry as to who you are letting into your home.

Uncovering Past Problems

Isn’t that what we are always waiting for when we watch HGTV?! “Johnathan, are you going to have to reinforce the foundation? Wow Joanna, you think the roof needs to be redone?!” Some projects turn into bigger projects when old problems are found. The best way to prepare for this is to understand that this is a possibility! Hiring an inspector or allowing your potential renovation supervisor to inspect the home and the area prior to starting the reno can answer some questions that you may have about what exists behind the walls. Asking for a detailed inspection will give you a better understanding of the budget and what adjustments need to be made.

Extremely Off Schedule

Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of this right now. Construction materials are in short supply. Many of our cabinet orders are 16 weeks out! However, prior to this COVID-aftermath running behind schedule was a very common thing in renovations. This is another one of those things to just absorb! “Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.” The more understanding you are of a delayed schedule the less stressed you are going to be when an order doesn’t arrive on time or your project gets a week boot.

Our mission is to provide a positive renovation experience. Arizona’s Interior Innovations works tirelessly to keep our homeowners updated and to ask the questions before you can. We believe that happy clients are well informed ones.

From our licensed GM who walks every project daily to our highly experienced teams in the showroom and in the field we vet all of our employees and promote an atmosphere of transparency. Give us a call today to get set up with your personal designer.

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