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Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom in the near future, the more prepared you are, the smoother the project is likely to go. To help get ready for your remodel, we’ve pulled together everything you need to consider in this checklist to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Make a detailed budget for your upcoming renovation

Full bathroom renovations can be costly, so it’s essential to plan ahead, so there are no unpleasant surprises. With a little planning, costs can be contained, and you can still achieve the bathroom you always wanted while staying within your budget. With so many options out there, a budget can quickly get blown if you get caught up with all the different choices available. Before you get started, step back and talk with your bathroom renovation professional want to do, and then do your own research to get a better feel for costs. It’s important to have an idea of what the costs are going to be for every item of the remodel, from paint to lighting to flooring to fixtures and more. This will include materials, design, and labor.  Decide what kind of materials you want and get an idea of what those costs are. Keep in mind you need to consider both material and labor, especially if you’re doing a major renovation that may require substantial plumbing work. Getting all the potential costs and creating a budget will help you enjoy the process and the end results without facing a stunning and unanticipated bill at the end. While your contractor will help gather costs, having a good idea yourself will keep you both on the same page and set realistic expectations. This should be the very first item on your checklist before your project starts.

Plan for how to make your bathroom functional and stylish

Whether it’s a guest bathroom being remodeled, or a master bath, plan on what you expect for functionality and style. How many people will be using the bathroom area at the same time?  What must-haves do you need, and do you have a few “luxuries” you’d like to add as well? Do you want a spa-like bathtub, or would you rather have a steam shower or both?! What kind of lighting will you need if you’re putting on makeup in that bathroom? Here are a few essential items to consider when choosing a bathroom layout:

  1. Counters

  2. Sinks

  3. Shower

  4. Bathtub

  5. Shower/tub combo

  6. Toilet/bidet

  7. Windows (if applicable)

You’ll also want to consider how the bathroom flows with the rest of the house. What’s the focal point of the bathroom? Seldom considered, what is visible to other rooms of the house can make a big difference from a style standpoint.  Is the bathroom adjacent to another room, such as the master, when it will always be in view? If you’re lying in bed at night, do you want a toilet in your line of sight? Really plan the layout of your bathroom to make sure it serves your functional and aesthetic needs. If your budget doesn’t allow for a significant change in the footprint of your bathroom, talk with your design professional to offer suggestions on how to help with the flow of the room through décor.

Choosing colors

Again, considering how the bathroom integrates with the rest of the house, think about your color theme.  If you’re completely renovating a bathroom, you’ll likely be choosing flooring, countertops, sinks, faucets, showerheads, shower tiles, glass, and paint, not to mention other bathroom décor such as mirrors, lighting, towel racks, and hooks, etc. Choosing all of these items to work within a color scheme can be a challenge, so it’s a good idea to work with a professional who can guide you through how to create a color scheme that you will love. They’ll not only guide you on pulling the look of your bathroom together but ensure it melds beautifully with the rest of the home’s décor.

Look at your bathroom lighting needs

Lighting is one of the more important aspects of a bathroom both for functionality and style. First, look at what light you already have, such as a window or a skylight, and plan from there, mixing in a variety of lighting sources as possible for ideal functionality and style. The best approach to a well-lit space is to incorporate layers of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. There are many lighting styles you can use for the vanity area, including light bars and wall sconces, or small pendants. Using these options creating can provide lighting that is both beautiful and functional for your bathroom. Add this to your checklist for a gorgeous bathroom!

Hardware for your bathroom

A must for your checklist! Bathroom hardware includes faucets, showerheads, and knobs, but also includes handles, hinges, towel racks and hooks, and door handles. Make sure you have hardware that’s complementary to each other. Oftentimes, homeowners struggle to ensure that everything matches, but a good mix of hardware looks well-designed and pulled together. If you’re using oil-rubbed bronze for your shower hardware and faucets, but your door handles are brass, it’s going to impact the overall look of your bathroom. Look at the room as a whole to ensure the look flows well and pulls together nicely. Many interior design showrooms will display full bathroom designs to help you get a feel for how to pull it all together.

Consider adding technology to your bathroom

There are all kinds of options to add technology to your bathroom, including floor heating, under counter appliances such as warming drawers for robes and towels, or wireless music systems. You spend a lot of time in a bathroom; why not make it a luxurious retreat? Even adding one technology aspect to your bathroom can greatly enhance the functionality of your bathroom. If you choose one of these options, be sure to plan for additional labor such as electrical requirements and consider that for your budget.

Remodeling a bathroom can be a huge project, but an exciting one as well! Following this checklist can prepare you for the job ahead and help you achieve the bathroom you always wanted.


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