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Why You Should Hire a Professional Designer for Your Home Remodel

It’s exciting when you finally can remodel your home. Updating the look, style and functionality of a bathroom, kitchen or other room can not only enhance your home but possibly add value when it’s time to sell. The question many people ask is: “Do I need to hire an interior designer to redo my home?” The answer is a resounding “yes”!  Here’s why you should hire a professional designer for your home remodel.

Understanding what design services are

It’s easy to be confused about what a designer offers, so let’s start by clarifying what exactly design services are. Design services can guide you through the complexities of a kitchen and bath design or redesign, overseeing your project from its initial concept to completion of the project. Working with experienced designers help unlock the full potential of your space with the perfect balance of design and comfort. A designer will use their expertise to come up with appealing ideas for carrying out your vision, will provide budget estimates, and draw up plans for your review. A basic design would include the floor plan and built-in features such as cupboards, while a full-service designer might include color and material ideas, and even shopping for fixtures.

A designer can save you money

Working with a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money during the project but can increase the value of your home. They understand which rooms are best to invest in, such as the kitchen, and will suggest the best ways to get what you want while staying within your budget. They’ll also create a solid plan, so you have a very good idea what is involved in the remodel, and what it will cost; a good way to avoid “scope creep” where services change and shift, and costs usually rise as a result.

Designers can serve as project managers to keep communication open

During a remodel project, there are several people involved:  the homeowner, contractors, and perhaps an architect. Keeping everyone on the same page and keeping the lines of communication open avoids a lot of headaches, project stalls, and miscommunications. Designers understand how to serve as a liaison to keep projects running smoothly.

A design service offers a wide array of resources and industry contacts

The typical homeowner can diligently research trends, colors, resources, and the best professionals to carry out the remodel, but at the end of the day, it’s a gamble at best. A designer, on the other hand, has a full “rolodex” of resources they can leverage:  contractors, supply resources, furniture dealers, etc. They can save you hundreds of hours in research and likely be able to pull together much better resources than you could on your own. Why not take advantage of that kind of expertise?

Design professionals know what it takes to achieve an ideal look

There’s a reason these folks do this for a living!  They have an eye for style and functionality, while keeping your personal tastes and lifestyle in mind. Hankering for a gorgeous real wood floor?  A designer will look at your budget as well as your lifestyle to help guide you on whether that’s a good choice or if there are other better options available. For instance, if you have small children and large pets, perhaps a different flooring option would be better. They’re going to get you the “wow” factor that you’re looking for, while still making your living space, well, livable for your lifestyle. They’ll also make sure that there is a good balance between getting what you want and getting a return on your investment. They understand what can help with home value, and what is simply cosmetic. And if you design you simply must have an expensive upgrade that you may not be able to recoup the cost of when you move, they’ll do their due diligence to let you know, and then let you decide.

Hiring a professional designer for your home remodel is a smart choice. Could you do it on your own?  Sure. But could you achieve the results you want while saving money, leveraging good industry resources, and stay on budget?  That’s a tall order to fill. Leave it to those offering professional design services and enjoy the outcome!


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