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Update Your Laundry Room to Make It More Functional

When people are considering home renovations, they often forget about the laundry room. Though usually out of sight, this room is a space that demands efficiency, and yet they tend to be afterthoughts where a washer and dryer reside, with perhaps a paltry cabinet or shelf to house the laundry essentials. This room can be so much more with just a little TLC! We’ve pulled together a few tips to update your laundry room to make it more functional…and beautiful!

Pick a color that inspires you

Unless you’re one of those unique people that absolutely loves doing laundry, most people disdain if not dread this necessary chore. Why not add a little oomph to the task by choosing a vibrant paint color that will inspire and delight?  Sure, only you will see it most likely but who cares?  Have some fun with color and create a space that is fun and functional. Some good paint color options are vibrant citrus tones like lime green, yellow or orange. A crisp, bright white is another good option that brightens the room and the mood.

Add built-in cabinets

A basic laundry room may already have a cabinet or two, but is that enough for everything you likely house in that room?  You can build cabinets around your washer and dryer if you have room and have drawers and pullout shelves to house those often-used items. While you’re add it, add some nicer knobs and pulls to give it a little extra style. You’ll be much more efficient if you have everything at your fingertips the next time you toss a load of dirty clothes in to wash.

Add counter space

Do you do all your laundry in one room, then haul everything to another room to fold?  If space permits, why not grab and fold right out of the dryer?  Counter space in a laundry room is a wonderful way to add efficiency. Don’t think you have the room for permanent counters?  Shop around for fold down or pull out counters for laundry rooms.

Add shelving

Maybe you have the room for cabinets but adding them would overcrowd a smaller laundry space. If that’s the case, or you simply don’t want full-on cabinets, try shelving instead. It offers all the convenience of cabinets with less expense and space.

Get creative to get more out of your room

Need to squeeze even more efficiency out of your space?  Try pullout clothes bars so you can hang clothes straight from the dryer (they’re also called “closet butlers” or “closet valet rods”). Add a dirty laundry sorting system. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of three dirty laundry bins for white, light and colors or dark clothing. Hooks are great for hanging bags and items that need attention later.

Good lighting is a must

Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a window view, chances are that your laundry room has one little light. Add a little flair and style with something more interesting. Try a pendant light or even a chandelier. Why not?! You’re going to spend a lot of time in that room!

Add a few hideaway features

Try adding a fold down ironing board or clothes drying rack that you can easily use when you need it and put away when you don’t.

Create a room that’s functional for everyone

If space permits, why not get more use out of your laundry room by having it double as a mud room, craft room, or even a cleaning supplies storage area? A few very smart people have even created a small office space in their laundry room; chances are no one will ever bother you there!

Look at your laundry room and see how you can upgrade yours to organize and add value to your home. Not sure how to pull it off?  Contact Interior Innovations to see how their professional designers can help you upgrade your laundry room to make it more functional!


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