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Think Home Remodeling is Not Possible Right Now? You May Want to Reconsider

To say that recent events have thrown homeowners for a loop is an understatement. No need to rehash all that COVID-19 has unleashed on all of us, but even those whose jobs are safe, and health is intact, may feel that any plan to remodel their home should be put on a back burner until later. While there are definitely some things to take into consideration, if you think home remodeling is not possible right now, you may want to reconsider.

There are good deals to be had right now

Many businesses related to home renovation and remodeling have been hit hard right now, which means they are ready to go above and beyond to earn your business. Materials such as flooring, window coverings, paint and more may be marked to move as businesses look to keep revenue coming in the door. Once this current situation passes, expect those material costs to skyrocket again as everyone jumps back into their home remodeling projects. That goes not only for materials but labor too. Painters, tilers, and the rest are all looking to stay busy and likely willing to negotiate to get the job.

Resources are available for shorter project completion

If you’ve tried to schedule a home renovation before coronavirus hit the U.S., you likely got a lead time quote of 30, 60 or even 90 days depending on how much you wanted done. That’s not necessarily the case right now as customers are abandoning their plans to renovate, leaving renovation professionals with lots of space on their calendars. Want a renovation project done without having to wait weeks if not months to get started?  Now is the time to pick up the phone. That likely won’t be the case as we get close to the holidays. We’ve written before about how projects that need to be wrapped up by the holidays should start in August. Right now, homeowners have the luxury of a shorter project completion timeline while resources are plentiful.

Right now, it’s better to renovate than buy

If you were considering buying a new home to get some of those coveted amenities, like a gourmet kitchen or spa-like bathroom, you may find the challenge taxing right now. Sellers don’t want strangers in their home, so you’ll have to check out your potential new digs through pictures and videos. As a seller yourself, you’re opening yourself up to strangers in your home, or a much slower selling cycle as buyers hold off until they can actually see the house they want to buy. Renovation, on the other hand, eliminates the hassle of the home buying/selling process and provides you with your dream kitchen without leaving your home!

Working with professionals who care about your safety

Kitchen and bath design specialists Interior Innovations understands the concerns of homeowners who want their remodeling projects completed safely and professionally. We can work with homeowners to ensure that every step of the renovation process, from design to completion, is handled with everyone’s safety in mind. Our high standards guarantee that the project will be completed in a timely fashion, the outcome that you want, all while adhering to more strict standards during this challenging time. Before you hit the pause button on that home remodeling project, contact us to see how we can give you the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams!


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