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Home Remodeling Ideas for Pet Owners

Remodeling your existing home can be an exciting opportunity to add those features you always wanted in your home. The usual checklist usually includes updated lighting, new appliances, better cabinetry, etc. but what about upgrades to accommodate your pets?  Believe it or not, features that cater to family pets is high on the list for many homeowners looking to improve the living condition for ALL family members. If you’re interested in making your house a home for your fur baby, check out these home remodeling ideas for pet owners and discuss how to incorporate these designs with your home remodeling professional.

Custom feeding areas

You can create a built-in area for pet bowls to keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy. This option prevents you from tripping over bowls and spilling food everywhere. You can also install a faucet near the ground in that area to make it easy to refill water bowls. Many homeowners feed their pets in their kitchen or laundry room, so this is a great way to add convenience and make the area neat and tidy!

Pet food storage areas

If you keep your bags of pet food in a closet or out in the garage, you’re going to love this idea! If you’re installing new kitchen cabinets, think about putting a deep drawer near the pet bowls to use for pet food storage. It’s easy to access the food when you need it without lugging bags of food back and forth. You also gain back that closet or shelf space that you were using to store those bags. Win win!

Bathing and grooming areas

If you bathe your own pet, you know what a big pain it can be!  If you bathe them outside with a garden hose, your back will remind you of your good deed the next day….and maybe the day after that! Bathe your fur baby inside but hate trying to get them in and out of the bathtub? Replace your old tub/shower combo with a walk-in shower to make it easier to get a larger dog in and out. You may also consider an open-concept shower without any door at all to give you plenty of room to wash your dog. You can even install a handheld showerhead closer to the ground which makes bathing your dog easier when you need to rinse muddy paws.

Pet gates

Lots of pet owners use baby gates to keep their dogs out of places they’re not supposed to be. Functional, but not the most appealing décor addition! Try installing a swinging gate or half door. These can keep pets out of the kitchen when you’re cooking without making you feel shut off from the rest of the house.

Cat features

Are cats more your thing?  Or perhaps you have both cats and dogs. Either way, cats provide a few extra challenges that remodeling upgrades can help. Again, a nearby storage bin for kitty litter is great, and keeps dust to a minimum. For many pet owners, the litter box is a challenge since you want it out of site. Whether you keep your litter box in the laundry room, mud room, or bathroom, here’s a great idea:  If you’re replacing your cabinets, you can leave a nook to slide the box in. The other challenge with cats?  They like to climb to high places so they can see things. Consider installing a series of cat perch floating wall mount shelves dedicated to your adventurous cat, or an accommodating window ledge where they can enjoy the sun without being bothered.

No matter what kind of pet you own, these home remodeling ideas for pet owners will make your four-legged family member happy!


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