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Bathroom Renovation Trends That Topped the List in 2018

We often showcase the latest colors, décor,etc. when it comes to bathroom remodels, but for this article, we’re going to look at bathroom renovation trends:  major changes that homeowners made to their bathrooms in 2018 and how that might impact any remodeling you might have in mind for the upcoming year.

Age Appropriate Bathrooms

Many homeowners spent a good portion of the master bath remodeling budget to make their bathrooms more age-friendly. What does that mean exactly?  Homeowners are becoming aware of aging-related needs when it comes to master bathrooms as older homeowners plan to stay in their own home longer. Homeowners ages 55 or older represent 52% of renovating homeowners today, with a majority planning to remain in their homes for 10 years or longer (59%). Many are planning on upcoming needs, though the majority are still reacting to needs,such as safety or accessibility, that already arose. Here are some of those aging-related renovations:

  1. Shower seats

  2. Shower grab bars

  3. Low or no shower curb

  4. Non-slip bathtubs

  5. Bathtub grab bars

  6. Walk-in tubs

A small portion of homeowners went further in their renovations to change the floorplan completely for better access, such as handicap access.

New home purchase, new bathroom

A good amount of bathroom renovations wasn’t spurred by current homes needing an upgrade. In 2018, most renovations for master bathrooms came as a result of purchasing a home where renovations were needed or desired by the home purchaser. Homeowners were looking to personalize their master bathroom to better suit their needs or tastes. Upgrades and renovations were as follows (in order of popularity):

  1. Faucets

  2. Wall finish

  3. Flooring

  4. Lighting

  5. Shower

  6. Countertop

  7. Sink

  8. Cabinet

  9. Toilet

  10. Door

  11. Bathtub

  12. Window

Creating a “suite” living space

Master bathrooms and master bedrooms became more recognized as a master suite in 2018, with many renovations pairing the master bath and master bedroom together to create a master suite. According to a Houzz study, nearly one in two master bathroom renovations (46%) is paired with a master bedroom renovation. Here’s an interesting trend:  one in 10 master bathrooms is the same size or even larger than the master bedroom; a signal that master bathrooms have moved beyond being simply utilitarian.

Most homeowners hired professionals to do the job

Considering the types of renovations done in 2018, and the fact that more homeowners are looking for a master suite as an overall living space,it’s no surprise that most hired bath interior design professionals for the design and actual renovation work.

The reasons for remodeling stayed about the same

Except for the growing trend of taking aging-related needs into considering, the top reasons for a bathroom remodel stayed about the same for 2018:

  1. Style and beauty

  2. Adding to resale value

  3. Personalizing to tastes

  4. Spa-like atmosphere

  5. Energy efficiency

  6. Functionality

Bathrooms became high tech

2018 saw a surge in new technologies for the bathroom including:

  1. Self-cleaning toilets

  2. Built in night lights for toilets

  3. Self-deodorizers

  4. Mood lighting for showers

  5. Digital controls

  6. Sound systems in showers

  7. Heated backrests in bathtubs

  8. Built in sound and vibration in bathtubs

Top décor trends in 2018

Here are some of the more popular décor trends in 2018:

  1. Nickel – matte (brushed or satin) for faucets and other metal accessories

  2. Gray on walls and cabinetry

  3. Brick tile patterns

  4. Undermount sinks, though vessel sinks gained popularity

  5. Built-in vanity

 2019 is looking to continue many of the trends we saw in 2018.If you need assistance with a master bathroom remodel or renovation, be sure to work with a reputable bathroom renovation specialist to get the results you want.


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